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"Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn't lie"

Alison Ann B's Story

"Your energy is currency.  Spend it well.  Invest it Wisely."

Life is a sea of constant flow, and that I have lived by my entire life.  Being a pisces has really established this definitive of being a dreamer.  I can only remember as a very young child being sparked with constant ideas and dreams that were something I intended on making a reality. 

Growing up I always knew I was an old soul, in that I could sense people's energies and strong clairvoyance of knowing things that did not have to be said.  My intuition has always been by guide, and within this has always been energy that I feel to direct me or confirm I am taking the right course.  After many years of a multitude of educational degrees and certifications as well as career paths, from Behavior Therapy, Personal Training, Floral Design to Hospitality, I knew it was time to fulfill my passions of not just helping but helping and healing.  

My intention is to help others heal and guide them into finding their energies to steer them in the right direction and to trust the process in it all if you have the right vibrational intentions. Within my journey of life I have learned that it is a must to go with where your energies pull you and I have the life experience, knowledge, and education to help people achieve happiness and sustain it.  

  • BA UCSB 2003 Sociology -Business/Economics/Black Studies minor 

  • ABA/Behavioral Therapy 7 years

  • CPR/First AID Certified

  • 15 Years Hospitality Industry-Corprate/Small Business Management 

  • WSET 2 Certified

  • Champagne Certified Specialist

  • French Wine Certified Specialist

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer 8 years

  • RYS 500 Yoga Teacher Training Certification  

  • Reiki Level I Certification 

  • Reiki Level II Certification 

  • Holy Fire Reiki 

  • REiki Master Certification